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Tuesday, January 26, 2021




📌 How does Spotify work? 

Getting started listening to music on Spotify is easy:

Enter the official Spotify site through a web browser from any smart device, we click on the 3-month promotion, (if the 3-month promotion is not available, it normally offers a 1-month free trial).

We are going to register, in this case I recommend registering through our email address.

We fill in the form with our personal data, such as email, password, name, date of birth, our sex and we confirm the captcha to verify that we are human.

Next we must fill out the form with our payment information, depending on the country the payment methods vary.

EXTRA : Sometimes if you are in another country but your card is issued in another country, Spotify gives us the option to change the country for our card so that we do not throw a rejected card error.

It is necessary that they look for their country, select it and wait for the browser to load again so that it shows them the currency of the country to which they changed. 

Fill in the form of payment with our card details, whether credit or debit.

If everything goes well, Spotify will accept the card and we will already be enjoying Spotify free for 3 months or in other cases for a month, if the 3-month promotion has already expired.

If we go to the details of the account we can see the type of account we have and its expiration date, among other details, not to mention that from here we can manage it. 

📌 Can you download music from Spotify?

Yes and no, with Spotify premium this is a reality, configure the music so that it is available when you
You have no internet or data connection, however it is not a download in the traditional way if it is not hosted internally in the application, therefore these songs cannot be recorded on a CD to listen to them on a CD.

The idea of ​​the offline mode is to allow its users access to their favorite music with previous download for when they are traveling or away from home where they surely do not have access to the network.

With Spotify premium you can have up to 10,000 songs available for download to listen to offline on up to 5 different devices. 

📌 How much does Spotify consume?

This depends on the quality in which you have configured the quality of the music you listen to but then I will show you the approximations in data consumption.

One hour of music playback will spend about 50MB of data when the quality is "normal", with normal quality you can play about 24 hours of music for about 1GB of data.

In high quality, 1 GB will be spent in less than 15 hours, while with extreme quality it will spend 1GB in less than 7 hours and with video playback the increase in megabytes over time is much more accelerated.

This can be verified and configured in the settings section within the application and the quality levels look like this:

  • Low - 24 kbps
  • Normal -96 kbps
  • High - 160 kbps
  • Very high - 320 kbps

The level of quality you determine to use will be based on your personal tastes, although it is valid to clarify that the very high quality mode is only available in premium users. 

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