1. Open your web-browser and navigate to 25 .

  2. On the new page open check “I am a new student and have never attended any of the Maricopa Community Colleges or Skill Centers.”

  3. Complete the captcha.

  4. Open a new Tab and go to 8

  5. Select male or female(up to you), select USA and press generate.

  6. You will see a SSN Number similar to “427-70-xxxx” or whatever. Just remove the dashes and replace XXXX with numbers and paste it to the Maricopa website.

  7. You can set date of birth, first name, and last name to whatever (or just use the data provided from fake name generator and press next. I suggest selecting like 1993 to make it seem legit, but that’s up to you.

  8. Use the gender, phone, address 1, city, state, and postal code, as shown on the
    generated page.

  9. Click next then make ur security questions Then save the info u get from the next page

  10. Go to 11

  11. then click Student center

  12. login (IF u cant login yet wait a few mins)

  13. Once in go all the way down to admission Click apply for admission

  14. Select Rio Salado College and under that select no credit

  15. once u get past that part just put fake info then click next then wait for it to load

  16. Then look for change term button Select spring 2016 then click continue

  17. Then look for enter class nbr and enter 38716 in the box then click enter

  18. then a proceed to step 2 of 3 button will pop up click it

  19. Click finish enrolling then you are done

  20. Wait 10-20 mins after then use the info u got before to login here 13 MEID is the thing u get on step 9

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